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Feasibility Study

At this stage the clientís business needs are analyzed, information about project participants is collected, and the requirements for the system are gathered and analyzed. The clientís expectations for system implementation are studied and the proposed solution is offered. During the Feasibility Study stage, the projectís goals, parameters and restraints are agreed upon with the client including:

  • Project budget and rules for its adjustment;
  • Project time frame;
  • Conceptual problem solution.

The following tasks are performed at this stage:

  • The project feasibility is estimated and the project scope is defined;
  • Risks and benefits are identified;
  • The project structure is elaborated;
  • The project is roughly planned;
  • The next project stage is planned precisely;
  • Cost of the next phase is evaluated precisely and cost of the other phases ó approximately;
  • Functionality development priorities are defined;
  • System creation risks are estimated.

At the end of this phase the following documents are available:

  • Feasibility Report — description of the proposed solution and list of high-level functional requirements;
  • Project Structure — description of the project organization;
  • Project Plan — project schedule;
  • Risks List — list of potential project risks and possibilities of their elimination.

The Feasibility Report must be agreed upon and signed by the client. Depending on the customerís technology needs the documentís name may vary, e.g., Solution Definition.

Signing this document means that the client and the project team have a common understanding of the project goals and tasks and have reached agreement on the process for project implementation.

Average duration of this phase is about 10% of the total project duration.

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